Member Guide to the Society and Luna Coven. Failure to abide by the following will result in
removal from the Society/Coven.

The Luna Coven runs the World Witch Society. Our Coven Members work within the WWS to train, support and promote the Craft. We provide Community Members with the information and support they need to achieve their full potential as a Witch. Some Community Members are asked to join the Outer Circle of the Coven for deeper training as a pre-requesit for selection as an Initiated into the Luna Coven itself. This however is not compulsary nor should it be expected by you. These are the basic lawes for the running of The Luna Coven and his daughter community World Witch Society. All members should respect these lawes or they will expelled from the community and/or Coven. These rules are binding to ALL members of the Coven and Community, and ALL members are equal under these rules. They are for the protection of the rights of the individual Coven member and the Community, the satisfactory running of the Coven/Community, and the protection of the Craft's reputation and integrity.

These rules are meant to supplement the Gardnerian/Alexandrian Craft Laws and The Wiccan Rede. We try to also aligh our lawes and practices with other organisations who share our values such as the BDO, The Book of the Lawe and The Satanic Temple. If a Coven Rule contradicts an individual Craft Law, the Coven Rule supersedes it. The rules outlined here may only be changed by complete agreement of Initiates and Elders. Members are expected to voice openly any dissatisfaction with the running of the Coven and community, and to bring to light to the Elders (see definition of terms below) any member who feels dissatisfied. Follow the Wiccan Rede. Harm none. The wish of any members of the Coven and/or Community to be anonymous shall be respected. Would-be new members shall approach the Coven and/or Community of their own free will. There shall be no forced entrants.

A member may resign from the Coven and/or Community at any time, but it will be appreciated if he or she discusses it with the Coven first. When he or she has decided to leave, psychic links will be deliberately broken. All members of the Coven have the right to call a council at any time to discuss Coven and Community matters. A council shall be held at each Sabbat and Esbat whenever possible. The Luna Coven Inner Circle consists of ALL Elders of the Coven, and ALL initiated members. It is not compulsory for Dedicants to attend. Only those dedicated into the Coven may attend. The Coven Gatherings will be held in Circle, with all those present taking an oath of honesty and integrity before joining us. The Talking Stick (Bessom) will be used. Only the individual holding the stick is allowed to talk, and this will start with the individual who called the council to explain his/her reason. It should then be passed on to the next individual involved in the situation (if there is one), then the dedicants, followed by Initiates and then Elders.

It is the responsibility of the Elders to take full note of the feelings of the members of the Coven, and act appropriately. The Elders hold a joint veto (all Elders must agree) on all decisions made in the council. There are no secrets regarding training, organisation, and running of the Coven, WITHIN the Coven. These affairs are to be kept secret to non-members. Members are expected to keep the confidences of their fellow Coveners regarding personal matters.This also applies to Members when working within the WWS Community. The term used to indicate somebody approaching the Coven for membership is Pre-Initiated. They may be asked to join the Coven after first being an active and good Member of the WWS Community. As an Iniated or Community Member, you are considered a member of the Coven, and is not bound by these rules, nor by any rights granted to Coven members.

A Pre-Initiate may only attend a maximum of three working Circles before being dedicated. After this he or she is barred from Circles for a year and a day. This barring rule does not include contact with members during or after this period outside of Circle. Decision to dedicate a Pre-Initiate into the group is taken in council with ALL Elders and Initiates present. Interested Initates may also sit in, and give their viewpoint where relevant. The decision to dedicate a Pre- Initiate must be unanimous among the Elders, under advisement from the Initiates. Pre-Initiates must be made aware of the Coven Rules before joining, and have them explained by an Elder. They must understand that dedication implies that they are undertaking to abide by them. A Pre-Initiate must ask of his or her own free will to dedicate into the Coven. The same rule applies to Initiates, who must ask for initiation. The forcing or tricking of Pre-Initiates into accepting dedication or initiation is considered an infringement of Craft Laws, as well as Coven Rules. It is the final decision of the Elders when someone is ready for dedication or initiation. Members who transgress any of the rules mentioned here more than three times will be asked to leave by the Elders. They may ask for re-admittance after a year and a day.

Non-members who wish to come to Circles, but do not wish to be dedicated, will be referred to as 'Guests'. The decision to make a non-member a Guest lies with the Elders, with the Initiates having a joint right of veto. The Elders may jointly agree to dissolve the Coven at any time. Members of the coven are free to come and go as they please. They are free to join other magical groups, and to associate with whom they wish, etc. This is on the understanding that they abide by the rules of THIS Coven at all times. If they are unable to reconcile the rules or laws of a magical group they are working with due to the contradictions between the two sets of rules, they must choose between the Coven and the other group. Interference by Coven members in the lives of other Coveners with the intent of causing disruption to family or non-Craft life will be considered a serious infringement of Craft Law, punishable if necessary by banishment from the Coven. This will be done openly in front of all members in Circle. Appropriate punishment for the breaking of Craft Laws and Coven Rules will be taken by the Elders. The Elders' words are final on these matters. Coven and Community  members are expected to behave with honour and integrity, with all members of the Coven/Community, other members of the Craft, fellow Pagans, and in their dealings with other people in general. Children under 18 who are genuinely sympathetic with and interested in the Craft may be admitted to purely celebratory rituals, but not to working Circles. They may enter only with their Parents/Guardians. Individuals shall not be admitted to Circles while they are under the influence of any mind-altering drugs or excessive alcohol. 

Under 16s are not allowed to join the online Community for their own safety. Anyone discovered to be under 16 will be removed.