Welcome to The World Witch Society.

A global society of Witches from all walks of life, all seeking wisdom and a sense of community.

The World Witch Society is a global community made up of Witches, Wiccans and also Pagans who share our belief
systems. We do not, however, integrate with organised religions such as Christianity. We were here before them, we will be here after them.

As a worldwide community we are open to new ways of practising and thinking and we are totally inclusive regardless of gender, race or cultural background. All we ask that is that you respect others as you wish to be respected. We are not here to make spells or potions for you. We are here to educate and represent Witchcraft.

Membership is free and open to all who follow our simple guidelines which are there to ensure everyone's safety and personal growth free from prejudice and discrimination. We are all equal and we are all on a journey together!

The Society is run by The Luna Coven in the UK and key decisions and practices go through its members.This is headed
by Witch Elder Carrie-Anne and High Priest John. You are free to challenge and discuss these decisions and request
membership if you wish to do so.

We are non-profit organisation and make no monies from
the Society nor do we actively sell or endorse any products or
services. Anyone wishing to advertise on the Societies website or social media is asked to abide by our guidelines and
we do vet to ensure people's safety and to make sure they are not being ripped off.

The Society will keep everyone up-to-date on our Work and anything we think you should know.We do this via our website  as well as Facebook and Twitter.

If you want to join us simply contact us saying a bit about yourself. All contacts and correspondence is handled in
strict confidence.

The Community awaits you

Free live chat with other Witches....!

The World Witch Society was created and is run by The Luna Coven in the UK.  This website, associated communities and data is the intellectual property of the World Witch Society and The Luna Coven. By using our community you agree to bide by the Wiccan Rede and the rules of this community. 

For more information on the WWS or The Luna Coven please contact us.

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