World Witch Society and Luna Coven Rules and Organisation

The Luna Coven runs the World Witch Society. Our Coven Members work within the WWS to train, support and promote the Craft. We provide Community Members with the information and support they need to achieve their full potential as a Witch. Some Community Members are asked to join the Outer Circle of the Coven for deeper training as a pre-requesit for selection as an Initiated into the Luna Coven itself. This however is not compulsory nor should it be expected by you. These are the basic lawes for the running of The Luna Coven and his daughter community World Witch Society. All members should respect these lawes or they will expelled from the community and/or Coven.

Click here to read the full guidelines for members or The Society and The Luna Coven.

The World Witch Society is here, online 24/7 to support and educate you on your journey. This is YOUR path but we are here to advise and guide you. We respect your freedom to explore the Craft and The Olde Ways for yourself but we recommend you follow our guidance to ensure your safety and that of those around you. Witchcraft is not for fun. It is not for people who want to just do this for kicks or to look cool. This is a life choice, a faith and a practice that you must follow for the rest of your life. Messing with the Craft without training and wisdom is foolish and self-limiting.

Meditate on your destiny.

Centre yourself; ask yourself

one simple question....

Meet the two people who lead the Community and The Luna Coven.

Amethyst Sky is an Elder. She was born a Witch and has served the Craft and the Goddess all her life. She has many years of experience and qualifications in areas of The Occult as well as Counselling and The Arts. She is a Fellow of the Mantic Arts.

High Priest John Pendragon is a hard working and dedicated man who with many years of service to the Craft and experience. He is the keeper of the Coven Wisdom and our researcher. He is a Master of the Mantic Arts and also has experience and qualifications in the Occult and Ancient History.

The World Witch Society is proud to be affiliated with this people and Organisations:

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